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Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer and Shine

Foam Sculpture

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- Made for Macy’s Studio in collaboration with Nickelodeon / Shimmer & Shine

- Materials: resin-coated bead foam (photo of white sculpture is from before coating)

- Each character’s head is approx. 12” tall

- Gallery shows my cartoon sketch of the “Tala” monkey sculpt. IMPORTANT NOTE: Each sculpture starts as a solid block of foam. The sketch outline is traced with a hot wire to block in the shape, and I carve the sculptures down from there.

- Sculptures were reviewed and approved by “Shimmer and Shine” creative team before hard coating

- “Tala” (monkey) includes vertical animation mechanisms; I needed to determine how to disguise the breaking point between the stationary hands and the moving arms.

- “Nahal” (tiger) rotates in vase

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